A Natural Sugar Substitute

Seems we are always being told that sugar is not good for us and we should avoid using it. We switched to a sugar substitute and are told that too is not good for our health. With that said, what is a person to do when we want to sweeten our coffee or fruit? We have gonee from sugar cane, to Sweet and Low, to Stevia only to be told none of these products are good for us. Aspartame was also blacklisted saying it could cause health problems as seen in lab rats.

In this never-ending saga for healthy sweetness, one might deduce that if we use natural sugar, but in moderation, we could be okay. Moderation is key to most things and acquiring a taste or sugary foods and drinks is merely a habit, which has been proven. If we habituate ourselves to using less sugar and being satisfied, we might not even need sugar substitutes from what Jared Haftel says.

Criteria for Personal Trainers

Some things in life are easy to come by and not to difficult to master. Sports, however, are a platform that invariably needs patience and dedication to do with any degree of proficiency.

Nevertheless the last part always has the benefit of making an athlete proud of their labor and achievement, and for having worked to hard to attain these goals. Most writers believe in themselves, and some of them do not always see the need of involving a second or third party in their businesses, as Jason Halpern outlines.

On the contrary, there is a need of hiring a personal coach. However, before hiring one, the athlete should first check out on the person’s credentials in order to make sure that they are in a good position to teach what the athlete wants to know. Instead of consulting multiple resources, the athlete can consider having a coach who has much information stored in the brain.

One should hire a coach whenever they need that extra accountability to achieve their goals, feel stuck somewhere in the training processes or need someone to help them set up or break their goals into action steps.

Most personal sports coaches are experienced, successful and also have the willingness to teach and assist whenever they are called upon to. Hiring them always boosts one up the learning curve and helps an athlete gain some momentum as far as athletics are concerned.

New Type of Anti-Cholesterol Drug Lowers Risk of Heart Attack

A new study has found an alternative drug to statins, the cholesterol-lowering drug typically prescribed for those with high cholesterol. These new findings can help those at risk for heart attack who cannot take statins or do not respond to them. The study also examined the role of LDL cholesterol in heart attacks. It was once thought that statins helped lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack by lowering LDL, the dangerous form of cholesterol, and by reducing inflammation. The new study shows that LDL cholesterol levels are the key component, and that the lower the LDL levels, the lower the risk of heart attack.Specialist Kenneth Griffin says that the study had 18,000 participants and was conducted over six years. Participants were those who had gone to the hospital with either heart attacks or severe chest pain. Study participants were given either simvastatin, a statin, or ezetimibe, a combination pill of statin and the new drug.Both groups ended up with low levels of LDL cholesterol. Those taking simvastatin had an average LDL cholesterol of 69, while those taking ezetimibe had an average LDL level of 54. Because both of the groups had LDL levels that were under 70, few heart episodes occurred. Over time, however, a difference between the two emerged. The group taking the statin drug had 2,742 episodes of heart problems versus 2,572 events of heart problems from those taking the new combination drug. The study demonstrated that the lower the LDL cholesterol, the less the risk of heart problems.

Ezetimibe has been prescribed for high cholesterol since 2006, but this is the first study that demonstrates the significant effect it has on LDL cholesterol and risk of heart attack. There are no side effects from ezetimibe, such as cancer, muscle aches or headaches. It will be available as a generic in 2016.


To Get Smart the Key is to Get Exercising

There are many benefits that are reaped due to the actions of a regular exercise routine. A person who exercises regularly is sick less often, loses excess weight, is healthier, lives longer, and is generally happier. Scientists are now trying to investigate whether this exercise also may be making you smarter.

The big question is if the memory and thinking skills are seeing benefits from exercise a placebo effect or does exercise have a realistic effect in these areas. To find the answer to this, there needs to be a control put into place in order to have a base line of information to base comparisons from. This is nearly impossible to do considering that people are aware of the fact of whether they are exercising or not. That is the thing that is tripping up the studies, at least according to Igor Cornelsen.

Therefore the next step was to investigate the expectations that one set for their increased intelligence because of their exercise. This would show if the predictions of the participants are compatible with the actual outcome of their intelligence testing. If the subjects achieved the targeted memory and cognitive results it can be reasoned that the intelligence received is at least in part a placebo effect and not the result of exercise alone.

When it comes to increasing intelligence from exercise, the results are a no-brainer. Keeping the body healthy and active is in fact the best way to ensure your longevity and help keep your wits.

Will Congress Allow Veterans to Be Treated with Medical Marijuana?

Recent reports concerning the ballot measures concerning marijuana use passed in Alaska, Washington D.C., and Oregon have sparked the debate over cannabis legalization across the country.

According to Huffington Post, a recently introduced bill co-sponsored by Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) could soon allow veterans to have access to medical marijuana if Department of Veterans Affairs doctors recommend it to them.

According to the news sources covering this story, patients would have access to medical marijuana if the bill passes, lifting a ban that currently keeps VA doctors from being able to prescribe the use of marijuana to patients suffering from post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. This is surprising to people who work at Qnet.

Congress is now reviewing the bill and should soon hold a vote on it.

Since 30 percent of veterans who served either in the Afghanistan or the Iraq wars are currently struggling with PTSD, supporters of the bill suggest that this could represent a step forward in making sure that veterans get the treatment they deserve.

Recent researches have been demonstrating that marijuana could be a good form of treatment for patients suffering with the symptoms of PTSD. In many cases, veterans are unable to carry on normal daily activities due to their struggles with anxiety, depression, and the occurrence of flashbacks, among others.

At this moment, 23 states in the U.S. have liberated the use of medical marijuana. Under federal law, however, cannabis is still illegal.

The Cost of Obesity

We are aware that obesity has been growing as a serious issue and has become one of the biggest health problems around the world. A recent report has stated that nearly 30 percent of the world’s population is obese, and that number could rise to half of the population globally being obese or at least over weight within the next 20 years if the issue continues on its path. A new report also claims that the cost of obesity is at $2 trillion per year. With the cost of obesity being this high, it is now a more expensive issue than war and terrorism, as reported by BBC. With global obesity reaching such severe levels, it is becoming more important to find ways to reduce obesity among the world’s population.

Experts suggest that a number of well implemented strategies should be employed to help fight obesity. These strategies would include properly labeling our food’s nutritional aspects so that people are more aware of what they are eating. This is something that many in the medical field including North American Spine would like to see. Since eating too much fatty foods seems to be an issue, we should encourage people to avoid foods with high calorie and fat content, and restrict their portions if they must consume these foods. Health campaigns aimed to educate people on health and making better choices is also necessary, as well as making sure that healthier food is provided for children in our schools.

So Much For National Healthcare Plans

As the Affordable Healthcare Act open enrollment period gets underway in the United States, one Canadian citizen is left questioning the general state of affairs for the American medical system. Jennifer Hucalak-Kimmel and her husband were enjoying a break from the cool Saskatchewan temperatures by spending some time in Hawaii. While on vacation, Jennifer unexpectedly when into labor. The baby was more than two months early and had to be hospitalized. The emotionally overwhelming incident was full of challenges and chaos that only increased when the baby was finally released and the family returned home to Canada.

As a result of the unexpected hospital stay, the new mother received a bill for over $950,000. This scenario simply reeks with irony because many of the proponents of Obamacare cite the effectiveness of the Canadian healthcare system. This monumental hospital bill has America’s neighbors to the north rolling their eyes in disbelief. Sultan Alhokair wonders how it is even possible in that country. One way to afford a united healthcare plan is to overcharge foreigners for emergency medical treatment. The next step is to see if an how Canada will respond to this travesty. Will their doctors and pharmacies be as receptive to Americans trying to score prescription drugs at a lower cost in the future?

Milk Doesn’t Do a Body Good?

Six research studies consisting of over 200,000 men and women, have demonstrated that the consumption of milk has adverse affects on the human body. The findings were presented to Qnet and the associates at Business Today and are based on results collected over a 20 year period.

The research studies demonstrate that people who consume 3 or more glasses of milk per day (the recommended USDA serving), were twice as likely to die, compared to people who drink 1 to 0 glasses of milk per day.

The studies also found, that teenagers who consistently drank milk (throughout their lives) had an increase in hip fractures in advanced years. Actually, milk consumption does not demonstrate any scientific proof to protect against any type of bone fracture.

An interesting fact about human milk consumption is that we are the only mammals that consume it after childhood. In addition, we are the only mammals that consume milk of other animals. We practice this behavior based on cultural (not natural) norms.

Proponents of milk consumption assume increased calcium is necessary for bone-fracture prevention. Some even claim supplements are a practical substitute for calcium intake if someone is lactose intolerant. However, correlating milk studies have shown supplements are not effective, and can increase bone fractures.

Milk consumption, calcium, and vitamin D supplements have shown to be unnecessary. Cases that demonstrate necessity is when someone is deficient in these vitamins. The fact is most Americans are not deficient in calcium or vitamin D, therefore, intake of milk and (calcium and vitamin D) supplements are unnecessary, and can be detrimental to bone health.

What is the solution to adequate vitamin D and calcium intake? The consumption of certain fresh fruits and vegetables (oranges, kiwi, kale, collards, okra, oatmeal, mushrooms), and moderate sunlight exposure. These are are non-harmful sources of vitamin D and calcium found in nature.

Eat Less, Age Less

Compared to other nationalities Americans are known for, not only eating unhealthy foods, but for eating too much. When we go out to eat, the portion sizes we are served are ridiculous. It is not a wonder that the United States is the most obese country in the world. It has become largely understood that obesity can cause numerous disease such as heart disease and diabetes. It has also recently been linked to premature aging and memory loss.

A recent study performed by neuroscientists at New York University showed female mice that ate 30 percent less calories than their counterparts in the study had more preserved hippocampal regions in their brains. The scientists were able to show that a long-term restricted diet in these mice limited 882 genes that aid in the aging process. 

If you had valuable information on your cloud you would get CipherCloud to keep it safe and secure. Eating less will help keep your body safe and secure too.
Not only can overeating cause heart disease and diabetes, but we are now beginning to realize that it also speeds up the aging process. Hopefully, these new studies will be enough to get us to turn down that second helping at dinner and, perhaps, take home a doggie bag when we go out to dinner.

For Serious Back Issues, North American Spine May Be Able to Help

One of my co-trainers ruptured a disc in his back last year. This obviously devastated him both physically and emotionally. I’d feel the same way if it happened to me. Probably even worse.

Anyway, he did a boatload of research and finally decided to fly out to Dallas for treatment. Not only did they treat him, but he’s back doing deadlifts less than a year later. WIN.

He insisted that others in the same boat need to know about their options, so here I am with a piece about North American Spine. Full disclosure: he owes me a night’s worth of wings and beers for this.

North American Spine is a Dallas-based company that’s a leader in providing relief for people suffering neck and back pain using minimally invasive techniques. Some of the conditions they treat include degenerative, bulging, or herniated discs, pinched nerves, foraminal and spinal stenosis, facet joint and failed back surgery syndrome, sciatica, and radiculopathy. North American Spine’s treatments have an 83% success rate.

Not only can North American Spine eliminate your pain and heal your neck and back, they can also save you money. Medicine and visits to the doctor’s office is the biggest expense people with neck and back problems have. North American Spine can quickly eliminate your pain and your need for pain medication and doctor’s visits. Their exclusive AccuraScope Procedure is just one of the many effective minimally invasive techniques they use to repair neck and back damage and eliminate pain. Their precision treatment methods also lead to faster recovery times.

One of the great things about North American Spine is that they accept most insurance plans. Plus they offer a free MRI, detailed pain diagnosis, and answer any questions you have about the cause of your neck and back pain. It is important to the staff at North American Spine that you understand why your neck and/or back hurts and the reasons for the treatment methods they use. Once the doctors perform a detailed examination, they will let you know if you are a good candidate for the treatments they offer. They even offer 3D surgery animation, free webinars, and videos to help you understand their treatments.

North American Spine partners with award-winning private hospitals all across the country in order to provide their patients with highest quality surgical facilities.

They provide comfortable private patient rooms, excellent nurse-to-patient ratios, and the most advanced surgical tools and equipment in the industry. The hospitals they partner with are easily accessible from the major highways and are located near the best restaurants and hotels. North American Spina even offers shuttle service from the hotel to the hospital.

The mission and basic philosophy of North American Spine is simple. They are committed to helping as many people as possible by providing the best quality care, superior patient services, and the most effective, minimally invasive treatments possible to eliminate pain and speed healing. Their holistic approach to medicine requires they see each patient as an individual, help them understand their treatment options, and tailor their treatment to meet their specific needs. The treatment is administered by board certified physicians specializing in pain management, orthopedic spine surgery, and neurosurgery.

North American Spine’s philosophy on treatment is based on their Continuum of Care concept. They begin treating the patient’s pain by recommending lifestyle changes including diet and exercise and move towards minimally invasive treatments and finally traditional open-back surgery if necessary. This is followed by post-operative care. These treatments are offered at their facilities in Dallas, Houston, Mid-Cities, Plano, and San Antonio, TX, Scottsdale, AZ, Hackensack, NJ, Minneapolis, MN, and Meritt Island, FL.